About - Learning Blocks Centre
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All children learn, but not in exactly the same way and often not on the same day. That’s why it’s our job as teachers to ensure we provide stimulating and supportive opportunities for a range of different learning styles and abilities. Our School Readiness Classes, Tutoring sessions and in-school intervention are our specialised ways of working with children directly to help develop their skills and confidence in a variety of learning areas.



Here at Learning Blocks, we also aim to support, educate and empower parents to be confident and involved in their child’s learning.  Our School Readiness Toolkits, online parent workshops and face-to-face workshops are the perfect way to educate and empower you, as a parent, to ensure you feel confident and capable when teaching and assisting your child.


Kirsty Gibbs established Learning Blocks in 2012 when she opened her first Learning Blocks Centre in Burleigh Heads, Queensland on the Gold Coast.  A year later, a second centre was established in Kingscliff in Northern New South Wales.  Both centres offered tutoring, school readiness classes, and parent workshops.


A few years later, with a baby of her own, Kirsty turned Learning Blocks into a mobile learning centre, which allowed families to benefit from Learning Blocks in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.


Learning Blocks continues to offer individual and small group learning programs, as well as a number of new and exciting innovations, including the School Readiness Toolkits, online parent courses, a blog filled with tips and tools and more resources to assist parents in engaging and educating their children.


“Everything we do aims to build confidence in children and relieve the overwhelming feeling that parents and children commonly experience when starting school or falling behind at school.” – Kirsty


Our teachers are fully-qualified, experienced and passionate.

As a team, we are dedicated to each child’s success, a measure that we know looks different for every child and family.

We work to ensure you’re kept up to date with regular feedback and we encourage you to ask us questions, share your ideas and participate with other parents and teachers via our Facebook page and Community.


Our School Readiness Toolkits are a collaboration between Learning Blocks and Grow To Know, and have been designed to develop the ‘whole’ child and focus on a variety of areas including fine and gross motor, social and emotional, language and self-help and the age-appropriate foundation literacy and math skills that will help your little one with a smooth and confident transition into ‘big school’.





“Every child is gifted, yet they unwrap their packages at different times.” – Unknown


With years of teaching experience, an education degree, two young daughters and a hard working hubby, Kirsty Gibbs has developed Learning Blocks from a dream into a life-changing reality.


As a primary school teacher, Kirsty could see the gaps children were falling into and believed she could make a difference. Inspired by a passion for teaching and love of children, she developed the vision behind Learning Blocks to design small, personalised learning situations where teachers could genuinely focus on each child’s individual needs.  It was something Kirsty knew could benefit a significant number of children and yet was not regularly offered or easily accessed at schools.


Kirsty’s dreams for Learning Blocks have grown even further with the development of the School Readiness Toolkits, Busy Little Boxes and online parent courses.  Kirsty recognises that educating children isn’t just about teaching the child, but also about teaching parents to be teachers and facilitators of their child’s potential.  Having observed the shortness of confidence, time and resources that most parents experience, she collaborated with Aly from ‘Grow To Know’ and developed the School Readiness Toolkits.  She is also currently working on a selection of online courses aimed at enabling modern day, busy mums to easily get involved in their child’s learning and to feel confident that they’re doing a great job.


“I’m passionate about educating and empowering parents with simple and effective strategies, whether it be in preparation for school or, for example, helping them to teach their primary school-aged child to read.  I’m a teacher but I am also a mum and I know how overwhelming it can be.  I’m here to take the pressure away and to make a real difference.” – Kirsty

Every child deserves an education and a good one at that. Some children need to be supported more than others and success looks different for each child. This is why children benefit from parent involvement in their education.

Parents should not feel worried, overwhelmed or negative about educating or supporting their child’s learning needs.