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FREE Pencil Grip Resource

FREE Pencil Grip Resource

Correct Pencil Grip Resource

 *It is important to note, that we should not be forcing the correct grip on children who are too young and who are not yet developmentally ready.  Generally once a child is the age of four, they will be able to use the Tripod grip (as pictured below), however an incorrect pencil grip is very difficult to rectify, so if your child is ready earlier, ensure you always encourage the correct grip.

  • The pencil is held in a firm (but not tight) position between the thumb, index and middle fingers
  • The little and ring fingers are bent and rest comfortably on the table
  • A space is formed between the thumb and index finger
  • The wrist is bent back slightly and the forearm is resting on the table
  • The pencil is held about 1-2 cm away from the tip


Here is a little rhyme to prompt your child and help them to remember the correct way to hold their pencil.

My thumb is bent,

Pointer points to the tip,

Tall Man uses his side,

I tuck my last two fingers in,

And take them for a ride!

(‘Tall Man’ is the middle finger)