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Year Bundle- School Readiness Toolkits

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We have designed these kits to enable you, as parents, to help your child prepare for school.


Set Yourself Up For The Year

In this bundle, you will receive a new School Readiness Toolkit at the start of each term, ensuring you have new, exciting, age-appropriate and quality resources and activities ready to go.  Each of these four Toolkits will include new resources and activities with each Kit gradually increasing in skill and level of difficulty.


All of our kits aim to cover a variety of skills that are important for developing readiness in children preparing for school. Skills we cover include: fine and gross motor skills, foundational literacy and numeracy skills, social and emotional skills, creativity, imagination, concentration and focus, self- awareness and more.


These kits include quality, reusable resources with a term’s worth (over 30 to be exact) of fun, engaging and age-appropriate activities to help prepare your child for school.


They have been designed by teacher-mums who understand that you might not be a teacher, but that you still want the best for your child and want to make sure they are ready (all-round) for school.


Why These Kits?

We strongly believe that preparing your child for school is so much more than printables and tracing, so we have included learning experiences to develop so much more.  Our Toolkits cover skills such as: fine and gross motor skills, reading foundations, writing foundations, problem solving skills, language skills, math foundations and assist with social and emotional development.


You will also find simple and easy to follow teaching guides and tips for parents.  We know a lot of you aren’t classroom teachers, but you ARE your child’s first teacher.  We want to give you the confidence and knowledge to be able to teach your child, show you what is important for school readiness and guide you through some wonderful one-on-one time with your little one before they head off to school full time.



What you will receive in each kit

  • A term’s worth of learning resources and activities (each term!)
  • Clear and easy to follow parent guides
  • A variety of rich learning opportunities for pre-school aged children
  • Parent teaching tips to assist with the education of your child
  • Quality and reusable resources including;
  • A picture book based on mindfulness topics such as sharing, being kind and making friends
  • Your own School Readiness Toolkits Backpack (with your first kit)


*Please note, all Term 1 Toolkits will be sent out immediately.  Following that, each term your Toolkit will be sent out in the first week of each new term if you purchase the ‘Year Bundle’.



Learning Through Play

We recognise that play is the main way in which a child learns, so we have devised these kits to embrace play.

The resources and activities in these kits have been included as we feel they promote learning through hands-on experiences that are often open-ended.
We look at story telling, rhyming, beginning sounds, one-to-one correspondence, visual discrimination, shapes, colours, numbers, mindfulness, fine and gross motor, correct pencil grip, pre-writing skills, memory, listening skills, concentration, value of number, recall of events, self-help skills, imagination and creativity and lots more!



From Kirsty and Aly

As qualified teachers and mums, we started designing, planning and building these kits to help ease parents’ minds and assist with preparing children for school.  We know what it’s like as busy mums and how difficult it can be to find the time to plan and prepare things to do with your child, not to mention the big, black hole that is ‘Google’!  And as teachers of the early years, we see a lot of children coming to school who are not yet ready or have been pushed to learn incorrect or unnecessary things.  We want your little one to feel confident and well-prepared when they start school, and we want to provide you with some of the tools to enable this.  You are your child’s first teacher and we are passionate about assisting you with this.






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The gift that keeps on giving. This is a great gift idea for the kid who has everything! Or maybe for the family who asked for ‘no toys’ or maybe the new mum who now has a toddler and a baby! These kits have been carefully designed by qualified teacher-mums, to assist with preparing your child for school, developing confidence and building a love of learning through play-based resources and activities.