Tutoring - Learning Blocks Centre
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Children that miss out on educational foundations often find it difficult to progress academically. They may also experience knock-on effects, such as behavioural or attitudinal problems. We regularly find that these sorts of problems are often not causes in themselves, but instead linked to learning issues that can be addressed with caring, customised tutoring.


Our one-on-one tutoring sessions allow us to identify the foundation of most learning difficulties and to work with your child to address them. It also enables us to extend and challenge your child, to build their confidence and motivate them to achieve their full potential.


For some children, it’s not a matter of not understanding, but more a matter of lacking confidence to ask questions. In a one-on-one setting, children are able to express themselves freely and ask questions without pressure from peers and or fear of making a mistake. This can make all the difference to your child overcoming obstacles at school and with their learning.


Individualised support for your child’s needs

Making learning fun

Increasing confidence

Getting to know YOUR child and how they learn

Improving academic results

Supporting you, as well as your child


  • Initial and final assessments and formal feedback
  • Complete dedication and attention to the learning needs of your child
  • A fun, supportive and challenging environment with friendly, qualified teachers
  • Regular feedback about your child’s progress and tips on how you can help at home
  • Interactive learning with a variety of teaching methods
  • Learning from teachers, not solely computers
  • Qualified teachers providing specialised support

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio Estrada


One of the most important life skills is reading, so it’s not surprising that it’s also one of the most common areas of concern for parents and teachers.  It’s also one of the areas in which our children often lack confidence.


Our reading groups have a maximum of four children and are taken by qualified teachers with specialised training in reading.  We also have research-based programs that we can implement with children who are Dyslexic or have below-average reading attainment levels.


Our reading sessions are hands-on, fun and practical.  Your child will receive their own reading pack to take home each week with simple and enjoyable activities for you to follow up on.  These follow-up tasks will help your child to progress quicker through the levels.



“I want to help my child with their homework, but they do things differently at school these days.” – Mum



Is homework a source of stress for you or your child? These small group sessions are designed to help your child with their homework and relieve the tension that homework can create at home.


For many children, working alone brings on fear or worry.  For others, it can lead to procrastination or poor time management. The stress of homework is often compounded because working parents are short on time or don’t feel confident with their child’s homework because teaching methods have changed since they were at school.


During these sessions, a qualified teacher will sit with your child and work through their homework activities and assignments. As well as explaining the exercises, our tutors work to build the student’s confidence and other important skills, such as time management, organisation and prioritisation.


Sessions go for an hour and run weekly. Prices start from $55